Open source version support

Dear Verinice team,

Thank you for the nice product. I have just started using it as an alternative to eramba but got stuck after the compilation of the source code.
So, I have cloned and compiled the 1.17.1 release and created the builds. Unfortunately the compiled client app is not starting but rather creates a 600 line log file with lots of errors.
Could you please let me know where in the forum do members discuss open source questions or if there is any group I could join?
I would love to try and migrate to the verinice, just need some support on successfully compiling a client.
If the concept is successful it would be great to bring it to a corporate level.


If you want to try verinice, we recommend the verinice.EVAL version, which you can get for free in our shop:

In our source code repository you will find a short guide on how to compile verinice:

Please understand that we cannot offer free development support here. If you need development support or would like to participate in our partner program, please contact us by e-mail at: